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Badgers QB Battle

Badger football tickets went on sale today, and as usual they sold out way too fast. This is great news for the Badgers, but the biggest question lingering around the football program is who will be the Badgers starting QB. Here is my take on four quarterbacks with a legit shot at be the Badgers starting QB.

Curt Phillips: Curt Phillips stepped in for the final five games of last season after Joel Stave broke his collarbone, and Danny O’Brien proved to be incapable of running the Badgers offense. Phillips is mobile for a QB, but lacks the arm strength that Joel Stave and Tanner McEvoy possess. In his five games as a starter the Badgers went 2-3 with all three loses coming to solid teams including undefeated Ohio State in overtime. In the overtime loss to Ohio State Curt Phillips had to lead a late touchdown drive in regulation in order to get the Badgers to OT. This is where Badger fans got a glimpse of the great quarterback Curt Phillips could be. He commanded the huddle, extended plays with his feet, and forced the defense to respect his ability to run the ball. Now that Gary Andersen is at the helm of the offense it is likely that he will continue with a QB that is a dual threat, and Phillips fits this mold. Phillips is also a six year senior with the reputation of being a strong leader, and a great locker room presence. I have no doubt that Curt Phillips has the ability to lead the Badgers to a great season if he becomes the starting QB.

Tanner McEvoy: Tanner McEvoy is one of the biggest question marks in Badgers’ football history. He was the #1 ranked JUCO dual threat QB, and dominated in his only season at Arizona Western by torching teams through the air and on the ground. He stands at 6’6, weighs 230 pounds, and his break away speed is reminiscent of Cam Newton at Auburn. McEvoy was Andersen’s biggest recruit, and he turned down Florida and Oregon to play for Wisconsin. His throwing motion isn’t traditional, but it’s improving. He has the arm strength to throw the deep ball, and is even faster than Phillips which gives him the ability to extend plays with his feet. He runs a faster 40 time than almost everybody on the team at 4.5 seconds. Andersen didn’t bring in McEvoy to ride the bench, and it is likely that if he doesn’t win the starting QB job he will become a WR or a Wildcat formation QB. McEvoy has three years of eligibility remaining, and if he wins the QB job he could be the type of QB that elevates Wisconsin to the next level.

Joel Stave: Stave relieved Danny O’Brien in the Utah State game, and started the next six games before breaking his collarbone. He has good arm strength, but lacks down field accuracy, ability to identify a weak side blitz, and he lacks the speed to be anything other than a pocket passing QB. Stave did lead the Badgers to four wins in his six starts, but none of those wins came against quality opponents. Stave is a prototypical Badgers game manager style QB. The Badgers can beat bad, average, and occasionally good teams with a game manager style QB, but they’ll never be a great team. Stave not being a mobile QB is also a huge problem for Gary Andersen. Andersen has never played any QB other than mobile QBs in his career, and it’s unlikely he’ll change what has made him successful. Stave has a very long shot at being the starting QB, and odds are good he’ll spend the rest of his career at Wisconsin as a backup.

Bart Houston: Bart Houston appears to be the lowest on the depth chart for scholarship QBs. He was a standout high school player in California, and he has by far the strongest arm on the team. However, he’s still learning the offense, and might see some garbage time as a redshirt freshman this year. It is highly unlikely he’ll be the starting QB, but he likely will be in a few years.

Projected Depth Chart:

Nightlife in Madison

Among the many things the city of Madison prides itself on is the incredible nightlife in the city. From Camp Randall to the Capitol there are plenty of different bars to choose from, each with a different style or theme.

A couple of my favorite bars in town are the Kollege Klub and Madhatters. Both provide different atmospheres. Kollege Klub is great because of the location and upbeat atmosphere, while Madhatters is great for the drink specials, built in ice cooler on the counter, and you often find a little bit of an older crowd.

What bars do you like? What bars do you not like? Share your thoughts!

The Creator

Biggest Hero in Boston

Justice will be served! Watching people cheer in the streets of Boston last night put everything into perspective. The city of Boston and the surrounding areas had been terrorized in the past five days, and when the bloodshed finally ended there were four innocent people dead with over a hundred more wounded. All the police officers, FBI agents, and first responders deserve praise.

However, I think the person that deserves the most credit for bringing Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to justice is the homeowner who found him in his boat. The media has not given this man much attention, but there are a few interesting stories surrounding how they found Tsarnaev. Initial reports said police responded to the homeowner engaged in a firefight with Tsarnaev and shot him in the neck. Over 30 shots were reported to have been fired between Tsarnaev and the homeowner. The report was later changed to say that the homeowner retreated into his house, called the police, and never engaged Tsarnaev in a firefight. Later that night the report changed again with the Boston Mayor and Police Commissioner both acknowledged that the homeowner had engaged Tsarnaev in a firefight, but the Mayor quickly said this was just an initial report and he couldn’t be sure.

From my point of view the homeowner is the biggest hero in Boston. If he really did engage Tsarnaev in a firefight, which multiple reports are indicating, then he deserves an endless amount of praise. Has there ever been a better example of a citizen defending themselves and ending the greatest manhunt of this century? It is likely that the public will never know the whole story. If it is believed Tsarnaev was working with a network the homeowner may prefer the story is altered for his own safety. Either way the homeowner who found him is the biggest hero in Boston in my opinion.

What are your thoughts?

The Creator

Tragedy in Boston

I was old enough on 9/11 to realize that our nation was under attack. I was also old enough to remember the images of people rushing into the rubble with no regard for their own safety.

Yesterday brought back painful memories of that horrible morning in September more than a decade ago. But in all of the destruction and carnage there was hope to be found. Runners left the course in an attempt to find victims in desperate need of help. They used ripped particles of clothing and belts to try and stop the bleeding until professional medical attention could arrive. Watching husbands care for their wives, parents for their children, and strangers for other strangers I was quickly reminded what makes America great. Even though we often disagree on a lot of stuff, when tragedy strikes we are all willing to break our backs in order to save a fellow American.

No matter what the terrorist do America will never break. We will fight and kill those who intend to kill us. But it is important for us to remember that even in the darkest of moments there is always a light of hope a victory that will flicker. In a decade from now I will certainly remember the bloodshed and carnage of yesterday, but more importantly I’ll remember the men and women who ran towards the destruction and not away from it in order to help the wounded.

Say a prayer for the dead, say a prayer for the wounded, say a prayer for the families of those affected, and while you’re at it pray for forgiveness for our enemies because soon they will find themselves in the afterlife courtesy of the United States military.

If you are Madison student struggling with this situation please find the necessary resources on campus to help you. Yesterday was another cowardly attack against America, and it will sting for a long time. Make no mistake though America will respond, and those responsible will find a shallow and unmarked grave soon enough.

Jackie Robinson, “42″, and Bigotry in Sports

I went and saw the movie “42″ which is based on the story of Jackie Robinson as the first black man in the MLB. I’m personally not a huge baseball fan, but I always love a great sports story. “42″ was incredible on so many different levels, and I recommend it to everybody.

Jackie Robinson entered the MLB when it was just a white man’s game. He faced countless death threats, was physically abused by his opponents, and become Public Enemy #1 for every racist in America. Most men would have crumbled, or become violent. Robinson understood that he represented much more than just himself. He represented the entire black community. Giving in was what his critics wanted, but instead Robinson held his head high and won the MLB rookie of the year for 1947. If it hadn’t been for Jackie Robinson there very well may not be any black athletes in professional sports today. He is an idol for everybody.

This ushers in a very important conversation. Rumors are swirling that up to four homosexual NFL players are considering coming out together as a group. There is a lot of speculation that if these players indeed announce they are gay they might face extreme backlash from the league, fans, opponents, and their own teammates. Now to be clear I am not saying that this is equivalent to what Jackie Robinson went through. Robinson seriously thought at times his life was in jeopardy. In today’s society gay athletes don’t have to fear death, but they do have to fear unnecessary (or perhaps some would argue necessary) criticism.

If gay athletes publicly come out what type of response can we expect? What response should be acceptable? These are very important questions that the NFL is currently dealing with in. What are your thoughts on this situation?

-The Creator

Simply the Best!

Excellence. This simple word can easily describe the state of Wisconsin and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

People from Wisconsin expect the very best. In our sports, our government, and in our lives. If the Green Bay Packers are having a bad year people instantly start calling for the coach or GM to be fired. Even when the Packers have a great years there are always people stilling arguing they should have done better. This attitude has given the people from Wisconsin a certain reputation around the country. A reputation of being tough, intelligent, and having an incredible drive to be better than everybody else.

It’s the exact same story when it comes to the University of Wisconsin. Our sports teams our dominating, our academics are incredible, and our women are second to none. Bielema won three B1G championships in a row, and people still hated him because he never was able to win the Rose Bowl. When Bielema took the Arkansas job very few people were sad to see him go, and he was a winning football coach. Students and alumni expect more than just competing; we expect to be the best.

The same can be said for partying and academics. Students spend countless hours in the library preparing for midterms or writing papers, and when the weekend arrives we can out drink anybody. We take a lot of pride in our work hard, play hard mentality. The Mifflin Street Block Party and Halloween are famous all over America. Students from across the country see us, and want to be us. However, they hardly understand the amount of work we put in behind the scenes. It’s not easy to be a Badger, but it certainly is worth it.

What are your thoughts?

The Creator

March Madness

Every form of a sports championship draws huge crowds, massive revenues, and demands the attention of the entire nation. From the Super Bowl to the BCS Football Championship they’re all great, but one stands above the rest. March Madness takes place over three weeks, and it is the focus of the sports world for every second of it. Billions of dollars are gambled away, millions of brackets are filled out, and countless arguments take place between friends and rivals over which teams will make the Final Four. These are a few reasons why March Madness is the greatest sporting event the world has ever seen.

For me March Madness has a special place in my life. It’s a bonding experience between my father and I. Every year we get together and fill out our brackets together. We always manage to gamble more money than is reasonable, and we generally don’t win our bracket pools. That is another great aspect of March Madness. At the beginning of the tournament everybody feels their bracket is going to win them a lot of money, but slowly most people’s brackets begin to get destroyed. With every losing game a person has it’s almost like a little part of their soul and happiness dies with it. Luckily for my father and I, this year could be our year. We’re in a position to win a lot of money, but we’re not to the finish line yet.

My predictions for today:

Wichita State over Louisville
Syracuse over Michigan

Louisville is an incredibly talented team. They have an abundance of talent in the front and backcourt, great coaching, and an incredible defense, but Wichita State is this year’s version of Butler. They come from the MVC, and certainly aren’t considered a power in the world of college athletics. Good thing nobody told them that before the tournament began. They are athletic in the front court, and are snipers from the perimeter. Wichita State has ended more talented team’s seasons already, and I expect them end Louisville incredible season today.

Syracuse’s zone defense is legendary, and for good reason. Their length makes shooting or passing over the zone extremely difficult. Syracuse’s ability to control the tempo and stifle the other team make them incredibly hard to beat. Michigan has the best player in the country with Trey Burke. He is a facilitator and scorer when necessary, and he is surrounded by tons of talent. However, I just don’t see Burke be able to do enough to destroy the Syracuse zone.

What are your thoughts or predictions for March Madness?

Website Updates!

After the initial launch of the Madison Confessions it didn’t take long for the website to boom. We’re now in over 70 countries plus all 50 states. However there were a few concerns with the site. So the administration of Madison Confessions reached out to our base, and asked what people would like to see more of or changed. We got lots of great feedback, and unveiled a new layout for the website. I hope everybody is enjoying it!

The good news is that there is even more to come. We will soon be adding a new section which will allow people to interact directly, and discuss whatever they’d like. We’re very excited about this discussion board section because it will give people a new way to even go further with their confessions.

Lastly, Madison Confessions is beginning to do interviews with students around Madison. These interviews can be done with your name attached or anonymously if you’d like. If you’re interested in being interviewed feel free to reach out and contact us.


The Creator

Badger Sports Update!

Football: The Badgers had a disappointing season, but fans have extremely high hopes for the 2013 season. Gary Andersen has brought a fresh breath to the Badgers program, and fans and players alike couldn’t be happier to no longer have to deal with Bret Bielema. Bielema failed to win in big games, and his ego was over whelming. Just recently he made claims that he is a better coach than four time National Title winner Nick Saban. Arkansas can have Bielema. Andersen has yet to coach a game, and I already like him more.

One thing on every Badger football fan’s mind is who will be the starting quarterback for the Badgers in 2013. In 2012 the Badgers started three different quarterbacks: Danny O’Brien, Joel Stave, and Curt Phillips. I have confirmed with multiple sources close to the Badgers football program that if the Badgers had a game tomorrow the starting quarterback would be Curt Phillips, and his immediate backup would be Bart Houston. Andersen loves an extremely mobile quarterback, and he believes that Phillips has the mobility to flourish in his offense. Houston is younger, has a stronger arm, and doesn’t have a long history of knee problems, but isn’t as fast as Phillips or as experienced. However, the QB battle won’t be finalized until Tanner McEvoy arrives on campus. Tanner McEvoy has lightening speed, but his throwing motion isn’t great and he lacks experience at a high level of competition. One thing is clear: the starting QB will likely either be Curt Phillips or Tanner McEvoy, but if either slack Bart Houston is right there to claim the job.

Basketball: It’s very easy to make the case that the Badgers soared past expectations this year. After losing Josh Gasser to a torn ACL it was clear that the Badgers were extremely shaky in the backcourt, and the season was off to a rough start. Badger fans have always learned to trust in Bo Ryan, and this year he delivered. Traevon Jackson and George Marshall both got better as the year went on, and Sam Dekker turned out to be even better than all the hype. A 4th place finish in the B1G and another trip to March Madness were in the Badgers destiny. The Badgers have an extremely bright future. They return Dekker, Kaminsky, Brust, and bring in the best recruiting class since Bo Ryan took over as head coach. The Badgers are poised for another great season.

Hockey: The Badgers started out to a terrible 1-7-2 record to begin the year. People were calling for Mike Eaves to be fired, nobody had any hope the Badgers would make the NCAA tournament. Then the Badgers found there groove. Nic Kerdiles returned from a ten game suspension, lines started to mesh, and the Badges started to roll. Because of their awful start the Badgers would likely need to win the WCHA championship to go to the post season, and that’s exactly what they did in convincing fashion. They lost in the first round of the NCAA tournament, but any year you can win the WCHA tournament championship is a great year.

Next year the Badgers will join the brand new Big Ten hockey conference, and their success will depend on what players return and spurn the NHL for another year in college. Reports are indicating that Nic Kerdiles, Mark Zengerle, Tyler Barnes, and Jake McCabe are all generating NHL interest, but will likely return to school. If any player is likely to head to the NHL early is it Michael Mersch whom the Kings are making a hard push to sign.

Another major question mark for next year is freshman Morgan Zulinick who sat out the vast majority of this year with an injury. Zulinick came to Wisconsin with tons of hype, and in the few games he played he looked great. Zulinick should have a monster year next year if he hasn’t dropped off at all, and will likely find himself in the NHL sooner than later.

What are your thoughts on the current state of Wisconsin athletics?

Success at a Price!

By now the success of Madison Confessions is well documented. It is the largest University Confessions page in all of America. The website has daily visitors from 50 states and 65 countries. Why is this possible? It is possible because of all the great input and interaction the fans have. Without you guys none of this would have worked.

However, this success hasn’t come without a price. Those who oppose us use this page as an example of what is wrong with this University. I 100% disagree. This page shows all sides of the Wisconsin student body. From conservatives to liberals, from comedy to drama, from heartfelt stories to stories about sex, it is all represented.

Some people are envious of what we enjoy here. Those around the world are envious of our freedom, and those from out state do not understand our way of life. If North Korea had their way we’d all be Communist slaves. Madison Confessions and the United States government will not allow this to happen.

There has been hate against this page from outsider groups and some jealous rival campus groups. These verbal attacks against the integrity of the Madison campus are limited and powerless. As The Creator I understand the risks, rewards, and responsibility I have to promote a true image of this campus. Judging by the amount of positive feedback I feel like I’ve done a great job, but I am always open to suggestions.

So to the fans thank you! To those who wish to destroy Madison Confessions and everything we represent, know that you will never be successful. The spirit, strength, and winning attitude of Madison Confessions is far greater than any negativity you project towards us.

Kind Regards,

The Creator

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